Go to Firefly on your P70.
If your Firefly set is not turned on, you will notice “No Firefly devices nearby” on your P70 screen.
When you turn your Firefly set on, it will take some time for the P70 and the Firefly set to find each other over Bluetooth. Once they do, you will see “Firefly xxxx – Tap to Pair.” Tap that.
After you have tapped to pair, you will notice that the P70 and the Firefly are now communicating with each other. There is no action needed from you at this time.
When your P70 and the Firefly set are paired with each other, you will see “Connected – Tap to Disconnect.”
Enjoy your Firefly set!

For more help, please contact Purple Customer Care at 877-885-3172.
Don’t have a P70 yet? Apply for yours at https://purplevrs.com/p70.

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