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We know you’re thinking about applying and you’re just not sure if you should… Youth Ambassador Tanea has two cents to share with you about that. #NADYAP

APPLY TODAY, before Feb. 1st (THIS THURSDAY): www.nad.org/YAP

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Tanea is in front of a yellow wall. A small white NAD logo appears on bottom right corner.

TANEA: Hello! I’m Tanea, your Youth Ambassador. After my friends shared their YAP experience, I was amazed — from there I decided to apply. My friend encouraged me to participate in the next competition, in 2016. My friend was one of the first participants of YAP. At the time, YAP was still new.

After our conversation, I didn’t think much about it until interpreters of color invited me for a discussion with several other deaf interpreters. We discussed how to recruit more interpreters of color in our community. The discussion really opened my eyes. I knew I had to do something about this.

That’s when I thought about YAP. So, I asked my friend for their opinion. After lengthy conversations about the issue, my friend said, “Yes, you should!” At first, I hesitated and eventually, I finally filled out the application. And here I am!

What an amazing experience. YAP is a perfect place for people who want to make a difference for the deaf community; to recognize social issues that needs improvement in our community.

I am really glad I applied. I am so grateful my friend encouraged me to apply. YAP is CHAMP! My advice: if you are interested but not sure about applying — go ahead and apply! Applying to participate in YAP was the best decision I have ever made. YES.

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