Danny Blalock is a deaf mechanic who co-founded an auto shop business. He’d like to share his advice for people out there who eager to start a business.

If you have a passion to start your business. Then, you have to expect starting a business always come with a risk. Your journey won’t be comfortable and straightforward. Your journey may be a rollercoaster due to an economy, or people do not come to you. Do not give up. You need to ignite your passion for analyzing what you can do and strive to get yourself out of all bad situations. Always fight.

Danny has trapped himself in the recession years. He had his struggles. Fortunately, he had all assets and supported by his friends and families to keep him surviving through the entire recession years. He also learned how to avoid making mistakes that cost him greatly. He figured out a way to market his business well.

Today, he’s doing pretty well and usually full of the schedule! Why? He didn’t give up and fought back all the way.

He learned that it’s all about your passion if you want to make your business successful, then you have to fight back against bad situations or money loss or whatever risk you possibly face in the long term.

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