Watch in high-definition. Captions not provided but look below for rough description. The performance took place on March 3, 2018, at the Deaf Meets Def Poetry Jam in Loving Cup.

Image description: Eric Epstein is standing on a stage, wearing purple long-sleeves and purple sweatpants. The background is curtained with projected text “Loving Cup.” There are also two pink spotlights behind Eric, who is white. He is signing “HUGE.”

Filming credit: Hayden Orr

Poem description: The poem starts from the perspective of the wind going through water and a grassy field. The speaker is standing on a hill and asks, “Who am I?” He asks the bug, which flies away from the grass. He sees his own shadow enlarging and runs to the sunset, saying “Don’t let that shadow be me!” The sun departs. The speaker falls to the darkness, literally, and is buried. But not satisfied with a typical death, he takes it deeper and falls down past the coffin/plank and lands on the unknown proclaiming, “Truly I!”

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