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President Melissa shares a summary of the Deaf Grassroots Movement Rally, encourages you to submit a priority proposal, and is excited about the next Board meeting in Wisconsin. #NADboard

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MELISSA: Hi! I have three updates to share for this month’s video. First, I’d like to share about Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM) and their national rally on March 8th. The NAD provided legislative training the day before, with about 100 DGM representatives. We provided training on writing a bill and working with the legislative process. DGM representatives had an opportunity to share concerns. Both DGM and NAD will continue to figure out ways to work together to address those issues. The next day, many people gathered for the march and rally. The march started at Gallaudet University and ended at the U.S. Capitol. There was a rally program with speakers lined up to address the crowd including deaf leaders and senators. DGM stressed that we still have concerns about Communication, Education, and Jobs. Our work is not done. I’d like to thank two key leaders who made this two-day event a success due to months of planning, Sean Markel and Wes Arey. They deserve much gratitude and recognition for their hard work. DGM will continue this fight. 

The second point I’d like to discuss is about our fast-approaching NAD Conference. Many events will take place during the conference, particularly the Council of Representatives meeting (COR). The COR is a very important process for us to decide how to address different issues impacting deaf and hard of hearing people in America, and we determine this through people’s proposed priorities. These proposals are not limited to State Associations or Affiliates, you as an individual also can make a priority proposal. You can propose a priority that addresses local, state, or national level issues. Then during the COR, delegates will discuss these proposed priorities and narrow it down by voting on the top five priorities for the NAD Board and Staff to handle during the next two years. For more information, you can look at our website that explains how to submit a proposed priority. You can also contact us and ask for support on how to submit. I encourage you to submit!

My third item is about the next and last NAD Board meeting for this two-year term. The Board will be meeting in Wisconsin. We are excited and look forward to meeting local deaf people, deaf organizations, and touring the deaf school and programs in Wisconsin. I’ll share more about that next month. Thank you.

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