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Image Description – A close up shot of a dog with his nose to the camera. Graphics show “4 AWESOME DOG HACKS”

Rebecca, a woman with short brown hair and a blue sleeveless shirt is in front of a white wall.

Rebecca: Sometimes dogs WHEW can be a lot of work. But have many different hacks to make your life easier.

Image Description – Rebecca with sunglasses holding a small black dog kissing dog’s face. Dog licks back at her mouth as Rebecca smiles. Then a picture of Rebecca with sunglasses sitting on stairs holding a black dog smiling at the camera. Graphics show “REBECCA IS A FULL TIME DOG SITTER.” Then graphic show “ON THE APP CALLED ROVER” with logo of Rover with iPhone and Android on a green background.

Image Description- Graphic show “1” with a video of a dog eating a treat. Then close up of 3 different kind of dogs’ mouths open. Graphics show “NASTY BREATH?”

Rebecca – Dog’s food in a bowl, you can put fresh parsley…

Image Description- Video of parsley being chopped on a cutting board.

Rebecca – A little bit of parsley on top of the food

Image description – Series of clips showing parsley sprinkled on top of dog food and then dog eating from the bowl.

Image Description- Graphic show “2” with a video of a dog rolling in the grass. Then a picture of a dog with sunglasses. Graphics show “LOST YOUR DOG?!”

Rebecca – Best thing to do… *grabs a sweatshirt and points at it* My favorite sweater that I use a lot and where the dog was last seen, go ahead and put it there. Dog will sniff around and smell your scent.

Image Description – Video of dog sniffing a sweater outside on the ground and sits down at the end.

Rebecca – Hopefully, the dog will get back to you.

Image Description- Graphic show “3” with a video of toothpaste on dog toy with grass in background. Then a picture of a white dog on grass with toothpaste on dog toy. Graphics show “HARD TIME CLEANING TEETH?!”. Then a video of white dog sitting on grass.

Rebecca – Your dog’s usual chewing toy can be used to add toothpaste on it.

Image Description – Video of white dog sniffing and licking toy with toothpaste. Then a picture of Colgate toothpaste on blue mosaic table. Graphics show “DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE”. Next picture shows a hand holding Enzymatic Toothpaste for dogs. Graphics show “USE TOOTHPASTE FORMULATED FOR DOGS”. Then a video of white dog licking and sniffing toy with toothpaste.

Rebecca – Your dog will chew the bone with the toothpaste and teeth will become sparkling clean.

Image Description – Video of white dog chewing toy with toothpaste.

Image Description- Graphic show “4” with a video of hair flying across the screen against a black background. Then next shows a picture of two dogs with their tongues out in a car. Graphics show “DOG HAIR ALL OVER?”

Rebecca – Sometimes, the couch tends to have hair stuck all over it.

Image Description – Video of finger pointing to hair on couch.

Rebecca – What you can do is use a dryer sheet.

Image Description – Video showing dryer sheet then rubbing it along the couch and showing again to the camera with hair on the dryer sheet, instead of the couch.
Rebecca – It will take away all the hair. All of it, it will!

Image Description – Series of many photos of Rebecca with different dog clients and individual pictures of her dog clients.

Image/Video Description: “Rebecca Roa: Your Personal Dog Sitter” with Rover.com logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Switches to a white background with the black text “The Deaf Ecosystem in your pocket”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

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