Tabitha had a Deaf dog who got shot twice by an unknown shooter. The police came and inspected. They didn’t find the shooter. Tabitha was grief for a while.

She started growing her feeling towards to Deaf and Deaf-Blind dogs who are in need of adoption. Third Coast Animal Rescue contacted her that they have several Deaf and Deaf-blind dogs who need to be fostered until they find a home to live. She agreed to be the foster.

Today, she currently has four Deaf and Deaf-blind dogs! With her experience, she noticed Deaf and Deaf-blind dogs tend to be put down to death. She disagrees and strongly believes that any dog should be saved. That’s why she didn’t stop fostering them. She has found them home.

She found her happiness. She kindly asked anyone who can donate her friend, Third Coast Animal Rescue, to save more lives! Their lives are just like you guys.

Website: https://www.paypal.me/thirdcoastrescue
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thirdcoastanimalrescue/?ref=br_rs

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