Emery is a Deaf 11 years old boy. He strongly believes in his opinion that every hearing parent of the deaf child is required to know how to communicate with their children in sign language. But there are way more essentials than learning sign language with their Deaf children only. Every child is entitled to equal access and an equal opportunity to participate. Deaf child needs to be given an equal education, equal opportunities, full language access, and full accessibility. Be sure to allow them curious to learn as much as they want.

It is all about allowing them to learn what is out there and absorb everything to how their think process, which usually leads them to the success path.

He wants every Deaf child to receive equal access and an equal opportunity to participate as hearing child does.

It doesn’t matter if you learn how to communicate in SEE or ASL as long as you give your child full accessibility and your child is entitled to do whatever she/he wants! That’s the key to making them successful in a long run!

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