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Make your way to Broadway to watch #DeafTalent take the stage in Children of a Lesser God! The play is accessible with supertitles, downloadable captioning app, and selected interpreted performances! #winning #startlistening #childrenofalessergod

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: video begins with Treshelle Edmond (left), Lauren Ridloff (middle), and John McGinty (right) sitting next to each other on a couch, facing the camera.

ALL: Hi! Welcome to Children of a Lesser God!

LAUREN: I’m Lauren and I play the role of Sarah.

JOHN: I’m John McGinty and I play the role of Orin Dennis.

TRESHELLE: Hi! My name is Treshelle Edmond and I play the role of Lydia.

LAUREN: We’re cast members involved with the Broadway production showing at Studio 54 in Manhattan!

ALL: [cheers]

JOHN: If you’re interested in buying tickets, you can easily find them online at childrenofalessergodbroadway.com, go ahead and check it out!

TRESHELLE: Hurry and grab your tickets before it sells out, we don’t want you to be disappointed if you miss the show!

ALL: [waves and kisses and ILY]

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