**(Ideal for Traveler & Hikers & Camper)**

The GoBQ is the world’s first and only portable grill made from fire/heat resistant fabric. It is lightweight, extremely compact, and incredibly fast and easy to set up. Those other so-called “portable grills” are barely portable, or barely grills. They’re either too heavy and bulky to carry more than a few steps from your car, or they’re too dang small, or they’re just a rickety grate with legs and no lid!

It’s so compact you can fit it in a backpack or store it in a drawer. The base folds up to fit into the lid which also folds up to become a compact carrying case. It folds up to fit in a backpack and can be stored in a drawer. No longer must you be confined to grilling within the boundaries of your backyard, or steps from your SUV.

PERFECT for camping, tailgating, hiking, biking, traveling and the beach.

Website: https://www.gobqgrills.com/products/gobq-grill/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gobqgrills
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gobqgrills/

GoBQ Grills

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