DISCLAIMER: the signs were voice-interpreted and the transcript based off of those interpretations, so there may be some things that were lost in translation.

HEARD is hosting monthly, hour-long webinars on various topics related to carceral systems and cross-movement building (i.e., how can non-deaf/disability movements ensure that their actions/content is accessible/access-centered). We hope our webinars–which are live-captioned and interpreted in American Sign Language/English–will serve as a model for other groups/collectives. Our goal is to increase access to information about mass incarceration (and other related systems) to deaf/disabled communities who have historically been shut out from information access due to the failure of most organizers and organizations to ensure that their content and actions are accessible.

Disabled/Deaf people are disproportionately represented in jails and prisons across the nation. Most of these community members are marginalized in other ways (low income, from communities of color, survivors of abuse, etc.). Once our community arrives at jail and prison, their rights often are violated. Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act exist and apply to jails and prisons, government- & privately-run jails andprisons often refuse to follow the law.

This webinar will focus on educating the public about the current state of deaf/disabled people in prisons. Panelists will help communities/educators/organizers develop ideas to support incarcerated Disabled/DDBDDHH community members. We will have some of our most active “free world” deaf prison advocates discussing how they worked to set up programs for DDBDDHH/Disabled people; how they convinced prisons to install videophones, and much more!

Please be patient & gentle with HEARD as we work hard to organize access-centered webinars. We’re a volunteer-run organization & are doing our absolute best with this very new process. We expect that there will be a lot of learning before, during & after each webinar. With your support we will be able to adjust & improve each month. Access-centered organizing requires community support, so we are depending on you.

TRANSCRIPT: tinyurl.com/marchtranscript

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