How To Find The Northern Light By A Deaf Professional Northern Light Photographer – @Photoadams

@PhotoAdams (Instagram) is a Deaf Icelandic and a professional northern light photographer. He has captured over a thousand images of the famous northern light or Aurora in Iceland.

He has some excellent advice for people who eager to find the northern light! Not only that, but he also explains the right setting for capturing a beautiful photo too.

1. Finding a northern light is impossible in summer.
2. Visit there between September and March. It has dark hours, that’s when you can find Aurora.
3. Iceland has either app or website that shows where northern light is at. It’s similar to weather that you can find when is good weather.
4. You’ll probably find some northern light, but be sure to understand their light level from one to ten. If it’s one, you can’t see any color at all. If it’s four, then you can see a green color light. Depends on how strong it is.

Many tips are available to learn in the video!

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