Bring your kids to the NAD Conference in Hartford, Connecticut this summer! #NAD2018


BONNIE: Are you going to the NAD Conference in Hartford this summer?

SARAH: Do you have kids too?

BONNIE: I’m Bonnie Eldred from Wisconsin.

SARAH: I’m Sarah from Rochester, New York. We’re the NAD Kids Camp Coordinators!

BONNIE: We know how to have fun and we have a great week planned for your kids!

SARAH: From July 4 – July 6, 8am – 5pm.

BONNIE: We’ll be going to the Science museum and water park.

SARAH: That’s not all, we’ll also have arts and crafts with plenty of adventures!

BONNIE: Come to the NAD and bring the kids!

SARAH: We’ll take good care of them and have fun!

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