Transcript with Image Descriptions-

James, a man with blue shirt and a beard on a roof with solar panels in the background. James points to the solar panels and signs “Worth the investment?”. Graphics of “ARE SOLAR PANELS REALLY WORTH IT?” shows up on the screen. Next clip, James signs “Yes!” with graphics of “YES!” on the screen.

Image description – A short video clip with a bird’s eye view of houses with solar panels.

James: “In the last 10 years, electricity prices have been rising.”

Image Description – A picture of James with a hat and a blue shirt standing outside with blue skies and looks like on top of a building with graphics of “THIS IS JAMES AN INSTALLER” Then another picture of James working on roof installing solar panels with the graphics of “WITH SUNPOWER BY STELLAR SOLAR”. Then the black and white logo of “SUNPOWER by Stellar Solar” with the O in SUNPOWER being orange.

James standing in front solar panels and boxes in a warehouse: “Ten years ago, solar panels were twice the price, In the last few years, the price of solar panels definitely have decreased. Now it’s a good time to install solar power.”

Image Description – A series of images of solar panels on buildings, outside in fields or on homes. Graphics of “THERE ARE TAX INCENTIVES” shows up on the screen.

James: “Some state governments provide solar tax credit that allow owners to deduct up to 30% from their taxes.”

Image Description -Photo of large solar panels on the ground against mountains with graphics of “HOW MUCH WILL YOU SAVE WITH SOLAR PANELS?”.

James: “Studies have found that on average about $20,000 saved over 20 years.”

Image description – An aerial drone clip of solar panels on a roof. Graphics show “SO ARE SOLAR PANELS FOR YOU?”.

Image/Video Description: SUNPOWER by Stellar Solar logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Then a finger presses the Ecosystem Maps to show the map of the US with different pins dropped. Then the finger presses the home button on the phone to show the Convo app icon. Phone slides out from the bottom of the screen and switches to a white background with the black text of “DEAF ECOSYSTEM IN YOUR POCKET”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

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