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Who is ready to find out our YAP contestants this year?! #YAP2018

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Close up shot of Connie and Jose. Both are standing in front of a cream wall with three wall lamps shining up toward the ceiling. Both talk to each other and towards the camera.

CONNIE: It’s been a great year working hard with a wonderful team!

JOSE: Yes, a great team! In case you didn’t know, I was one of the contestants in 2016 and that experience will stay with me. The team have been organizing details and getting ready for the competition in Hartford, Connecticut. You can explore www.nad.org/yap for more information about YAP.

CONNIE: Are you curious who the contestants are?

JOSE: Wait, we’re announcing tomorrow! Hold your excitement!

CONNIE: I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

White screen pops up. A pink ball comes up from a thin horizontal black line. The pink bubble splits and splashes into three bubbles, showing the YAP logo.

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