Reclaimed wood is everywhere these days. It has an impact on our environment, Dominick of Bearwood Reclaimed explains how!

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Transcript with Image & Video Descriptions-

Video description | A male (Dominick) with light brown short hair wearing gray long sleeve polo shirt with black glasses. He is standing against a wooden wall.

Dominick: When you think of recycling, you might think first of paper and plastic products. But, what about our furniture and reclaimed wood products?

Image description | An image of a hand holding wooden pieces on a saw table. Graphics of “Why Reclaim Wood and Furniture?” in green and white bold text show up on the screen.

Image description | An selfie image of Dominick in a plaid buttoned shirt with an angle that shows that he has his arms in the air holding the device that took the picture. Graphics of “THIS IS DOMINICK” in green and white bold text show up on the screen. Then another picture of Dominick smirking and holding a tool in one hand and a mug in another. He is wearing a gray sweater and beanie standing in a workshop. Graphics of “owner and craftsman of Bearwood Reclaimed Furniture.”. Then the next picture shows a series of furnitures that he created varying from different types of workbenches, tables and art pieces. Graphics of “Reclaim = Reuse” in white bold text show up on the screen showing a video of pile of wooden pieces.

Dominick: Reclaiming is to reuse a product with a different purpose. For example, in furniture and wood, we reuse the wood into their raw material and then recycle to a new piece of furniture.

Image Description | A wooden table with “The Impact of Reclaiming Wood and Furniture” in white bold text graphic appears on the screen.

Dominick: (1. Saves energy” as white and green text appears on the screen) signs: Saves energy.

Image Description | A image of wooden logs stacked in the back of a rig truck.

Dominick: (2.Reduces virgin timber harvesting as white and green text appears on the screen) signs: Reduces virgin timber harvesting

Image Description | An image of timber logs being harvested.

Dominick: (3. Eliminates pollution caused from landfill burning as white and green text appears on the screen) signs: Eliminates pollution caused from landfill burning

Image Description | Image of a landfill being burned.

Image description | A video of a set of white hands working with a boxed wood assembling a wooden piece into the box. “Be Warned” appear on the screen in white and green bold text.

Dominick: Reclaimed wood is very popular everywhere, right now. Be careful. Some could be fake reclaimed wood or poor quality out there. So, it’s better if you buy from local shops or from someone you know.

Image Description | A video of wood saw table and someone working with pieces of wood. “BOTTOM LINE” appear on the screen in white bold text.

Dominick: Using reclaimed and reusable is your new opportunity to buy new furniture and home decors.

Image/Video Description: Bearwood Reclaimed logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Then a finger presses the Ecosystem Maps to show the map of the US with different pins dropped. Then the finger presses the home button on the phone to show the Convo app icon. Phone slides out from the bottom of the screen and switches to a white background with the black text of “DEAF ECOSYSTEM IN YOUR POCKET”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

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