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Please think twice before you celebrate deaf driver cards, deaf police registries and other easy “solutions” proposed by police to end police violence. A lot more will have to be done to change the culture of policing than a simple card. Also, these cards have led to police violence in the past when DDBDDHH people have reached for the card.

What about DDBDDHH people who refused to register themselves as “deaf” on their license?

What about DDBDDHH people who dont have a license or an address to send cards to?

What about the DDBDDHH person simply walking down the street?

What about DDBDDHH Black/Indigenous/Latinx/Migrant/Survivors/Formerly Imprisoned?

What about DeafDisabled people?

What about DeafBlind people?

What about the MOST marginalized deaf community members?

These questions have to be centered!

ALL of the police departments that keep pushing these “solutions” have a LOOOOONG histroy of abuse of deaf/disabled/Black/Low Income people. In fact, most have been sued right before they share that they found a magic solution to their police department’s communication, attitude & culture problems.


Thanks to our HEARD NY volunteers for working for many hours to get this out!


TRANSCRIPT LINKED HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rNM4TMwq6sBSv-X5TG6vAQeMeE_S7vBqkxxigTNNuR4/edit?ts=5b245101

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