I feel like I didn’t read that much this month, but I will definitely be reading A LOT over the next two, three weeks!

Blog post: http://bit.ly/2sx3IoY
Libraryathon Twitter: https://twitter.com/libraryathon
One of the announcements: https://youtu.be/sqeeBf7zrvQ

Challenges if you’re curious:
1. Borrow and read a book set in a country that you’ve never read a book set in before.
2. Borrow and read a book that you’ve never heard of before.
3. Borrow and read a book that’s out of your comfort zone (genre, age group, themes, et cetera).
4. Borrow and read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet.
5. Borrow and read a book recommended by a librarian or other library staff member.
6. Borrow and read a bookish book (book on the cover, “book” in the title, a book about books…).

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