Hearing people ask petitions to people/tourists to donate to support deaf community.

I am certain that you all know there are Hearing people asking petitions to people/tourists to donate to support deaf community. I honestly think it’s great that they all want to help us out.

Unfortunately, I recently encountered “Deaf scam” in Paris, France. There was a group of people asking tourists to give money for the petition. I was thrilled to learn that and asked them but they did not know a single thing about sign language or anything else. They only wanted money.

I immediately sensed that they’re a scammer and use “deaf community” as in seizing an opportunity to use a petition. It’s very unacceptable. I had to fight them off, but they left. That is my reason for making this V-LOG to ensure you all are aware of this situation. Please tell them away or file a complaint report against them.

At the end of the video, I mention that deaf people should embrace deaf community, deaf culture, and our heritage. It is essential information for our deaf community to recognize this scam and be sure to protect ourselves when we encounter them in Europe. Please, do not let hearing take advance from us by using “Deaf associations” for taking money away from people/tourists.

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