How many of you think strength and conditioning are for athletes only? A strength and conditioning coach, LZ, explains how it is for everyone! 💪

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Video: LZ, a black male with short hair, wearing a red polo shirt against a white wall, appears and signs on screen.

Do you tend to workout by just doing random things such as cardio, or playing sports?

Know that, you’re not alone. Many deaf schools (and people) cut out strengthening and conditioning. Why? Not enough time. It takes too much time. Through a school day or lack of after-school program. Or, lack of knowledge on how to teach properly.

Image of dumbbells on concrete with a graphic of “Why Strengthening and Conditioning Matters for Everyone” in bold white and green text appears.

Image: LZ, a black male with short hair, wearing white polo shirt against a red wall appears with graphics “This is Lz” in bold white text appears. Next image shows an image of LZ in a red polo shirt and black hat surrounded by several football players in black helmets, white and red uniforms. A graphic appears showing “one of the first certified Deaf Strengthening & Conditioning Coaches”. The last image shows a black helmet resting on a wooden desk with a graphic of “ at the NCAA level in the US. Now at Arizona Christian University.” in bold white and green letters appears.

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Video of LZ wearing yellow ACU Football t-shirt against ACU logo on a wall signing.

Using heavy weights in your squats and bench presses. Plus, it includes using your own body weight in your workouts. Conditioning is more focused on moving better.

Image of a shirtless black male wearing gray compression leggings and black shorts running on a track field with graphic “How do they work together?” in the white and green text appears.

Video: LZ, a black male with short hair, wearing a red polo shirt against a white wall, signing appears. Graphic of SAQ – speed, agility, quickness in green and white bold text appears.

For better speed, you need better agility. For better agility, you need quickness. For quickness, you need the strength.

Image of a water bottle, watch, phone and a clipboard with a workout schedule appear with a graphic of “What does it look like?” in bold green and white text.

A workout program should be a structured program. Why? Your body will adjust to help you get better results for your muscles to recover better and faster. Now, what should it include? It should have pre-workout: stretching. It also should include some cardio/HIIIT, fast sprints, and short sprints. Cool down to allow your muscles recover and relax. Allowing it to recover better.

Image of a leg wearing black leggings and yellow/white running shoes with an arm wearing neon green long sleeve pulling on the sneakers to stretch on the floor with a graphic of “Benefits?” in bold green and white text.

Video of LZ wearing yellow ACU Football t-shirt against ACU logo on a wall signing.

It’s for everyone from the athlete and non-athletes. It helps reduce injuries, increases body flexibility, boosts your energy, and improves your breathing.

Video: LZ, a black male with short hair, wearing a red polo shirt against a white wall, signing appears.

Come on, I challenge you to continue your workout program if you already have one. If not, don’t be afraid to reach out to different people (gyms) who knows how to give you the right program to keep you healthy physically, mentally and spiritually!

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