[Title “Get Out and Vote Minnesota” shown over the bridge crossing the Mississippi to the Twin Cities.]

[A person’s hand is shown holding a “Deaf and I vote” sticker in front of a ballot box. To the side is the following text, “What can adult citizens of Minnesota do that no one else can?”]

[A participant from the 2016 voters workshop in St. Cloud is proudly wearing a “Deaf and I vote” sticker and smiling. The following text is also shown, “They can vote for Minnesota’s governor.”]

[The following text is shown next to a photo of an inmate’s cell, “Random Fact #1: Maine and Vermont are the only two states that allow felons to vote from prison.”]

[The following text is shown next to a photo of the American flag, “What do Governor Mark Dayton and President Donald Trump have in common?”]

[The following text is shown next to a photo of three of MNCDHH’s voting crew (Sarah Arana, Jessalyn Akerman Frank, and Shawn Vriezen) who are pointing to a VOTE sign, “They were both elected by registered voters, so get registered!”]

[The following text is shown next to a photo of a judge’s gavel, “Random Fact #2: In 2018, the Federal Supreme Court concluded that Minnesota’s law barring individuals from wearing political attire was unconstitutional.”]

[A photo is shown of the 2016 voters workshop participants, all members of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Black Deaf Advocates. Next to the picture is the following text, “What has Minnesota beat other States 8 times out of the last 9 times in?”]

[A photo of Shawn Vriezen presenting onstage about voting. Behind him is a visual of the PPT presentation with the following words visible, “Voters Outreach 2016 – Your Vote Counts”. The following text is next to the photo, “Minnesota has had the highest voter turnout rate in 8 of the last 9 presidential elections. Minnesota prides itself in its high voter turnout rate!”]

[The following text is shown next to a photo of a polling station sign, “There are many ways to get involved in the political process and the most important is to register to vote!”

[Credit: Created with work by Jacob Morrison – “Person holding American flag”]

[Credit: Made with Adobe Spark]

#DeafIVote #DeafBlindIVote #HOHIVote

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