TRANSCRIPT: As of today, Missouri driver’s licenses and IDs will be accepted when visiting federal facilities. Those may be military bases. Those will be accepted until October 10, 2018. That is based on an extension given by the Department of Homeland Security. MO driver’s license/ID is acceptable for air travel, and that will be good until October 10, 2018. And, after that date, you’ll have to update your ID to satisfy the REAL ID driver’s license requirement. This ID will be accepted at federal facilities or military bases. As of August 2018 until now, the DOR has begun their training process for their employees so they will know what to expect when you come in to change your license. In order to get the REAL ID, you’ll have to provide three items. You’ll have to provide your name. You have to provide your date of birth, and also your place of birth. You’ll have to have documentation to justify that. You will also have to provide your Social Security Number, along with your Social Security card. You’ll have to provide your place of residence and proof of that, so you’ll have to provide a utility bill, a pay stub, or any governmental verification, you know, what you’ve been using in the past when you go to change your driver’s license. It’s that same process, there’s no changes to that in order to get your driver’s license. There’s nothing different that you’ll have to expect. It’s a pretty easy process. Thank you.

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