TRANSCRIPT: The 22nd Annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Empowerment Symposium will happen concurrently with the Missouri Interpreters Conference on the weekend of October 19th. Deaf Empowerment will be taking place Saturday, October 20th. We will have visibility opportunities for our sponsors. If you’re interested in giving money to the event, we will have different opportunities for our sponsors to interact with our participants, such as Friday night there’ll be a social, Saturday we’ll have lunch, we’ll also have a banquet that evening. You’ll be recognized in our presentations. We do provide real-time caption services, as well as interpreting services. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please contact us to ask our different sponsorship opportunities, and we’ll let you know what we have. Depending on how much money you use to sponsor Empowerment, you may have the opportunity for us to announce your sponsorship and your name and company. You may be included in a wall advertisement. You may be included in the program book. We also have bag stuffers and other promotional opportunities. Thank you, and I look forward to discussing your sponsorship options with you, and I hope to see you there at the conference.
TEXT ON SCREEN: 22nd Annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Empowerment Symposium. Interested in sponsoring? Contact MCDHH for more information. (573) 526-5205.

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