Two women are sitting on chairs with a gray background. Both are white with long brown hair and wearing white shirts with black cardigans.

Both: Hello!

Woman on the left: I’m Morgan Grant.

Woman on the right: I’m Brandie Belford.

Morgan: We’re the Deaf Wings facilitators. Before we proceed, I’d like to thank Amber from Deaf Hope and Erin from Ignite for their support in helping us get our organization launched. Without them, this may have not been possible.

Morgan looks at Brandie, gets her attention.

Morgan: What’s the purpose of Deaf Wings?

Brandie: Our area has a complete lack of resources; other states have certain resources but we don’t. Our organization, Deaf Wings, aims to service Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf – blind individuals by being their communication peers… peers who have already experienced domestic or sexual violence. We would give them support, resources and Deaf empathy.

Brandie: (Directs the next question to Morgan) What exactly are our objectives? What’s the plan?

Morgan: Our objectives are to provide training to the local police, judicial system and interpreters who would be dealing with trauma. We also have another subject that we’ll cover later.

Brandie: That’s cool!

Morgan: Yeah!

Brandie: (Directs a question to Morgan) The training that we’ll provide the police, judicial system and interpreters… how exactly will the training help them?

Morgan: It would provide them with an awareness and understanding of Deaf culture and help them be sensitive to it. It would help them know how to approach situations where domestic or sexual violence was involved.

Brandie: Nice!

Morgan: All of this also includes giving support to the Deaf community as well.

Brandie: Yes, the Deaf community gives us so many goals we can develop!

Morgan & Brandie: Love you, bye!

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