Update: April 5th, 2016 @10:28pm (PST): Gallaudet’s President Cordano Dispels the Myths of Language Acquisition

Update: April 3, 2016 @11:30am (PST): NAD officially respond to #AGBellLies viral response, however, they did not “name” the Alexandar Graham Bell organization, instead, they use this statement:

“Yet, certain organizations and medical professionals continue to spread myths about sign language, primarily that a deaf or hard of hearing child will be less successful if sign language is introduced. This destructive approach is harmful to many families who deserve to know the benefits of sign language for cognitive development and education.”

Click to read their full statement here.

Amy Cohen Efron wrote a beautiful comeback letter to the Alexander Graham Bell organization on their “Response to Washington Post article about Nyle DiMarco” that you can read here. Many are siding with her and started the #AGBellLies to show support for her and support for ASL as well as those who are standing with those who love ASL.


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There’s also those who are showing their support by using #ASLStrong.

wtdp response

Update: April 1, 2016 @ 9:23pm: There’s a petition going on via MoveOn Petitions called, “Make AGBAD Respect the Deaf Community More” created by Paul Kiel. He writes,

I am asking everyone to sign this petition to request that Alexander Graham Bell Assocation cease their campaign against American Sign Language and our proud Deaf culture. AGBAD has been plotting with their lies and distorted truth against us since September 11, 1880.

“It is our hope to dispel the myths about deafness and spread the word that deaf children can hear and talk. What it means to be “deaf” has changed.” commented in her post by M. Sugar, President, AGBAD.

The recent post by AGBAD was a final straw in the camel’s back. They need to cease and desist their oppression and audism.

It is time for them to fold as they do not represent the truth about the Deaf community. American Sign Language is here to stay!

It is time for AGBAD to end its 136 years of lies!

Bad Science, Good Science, and Unethical Medicine by OCTAVIAN ROBINSON

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