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Deafhood Yoga
Walnut Creek, CA
Deafhood Yoga® was established in 2010 and answered the powerful vision of creating an online yoga studio to support and serve Deaf people who live all over the world to experience Deaf-centered yoga. Communicating through our hands offers spiritual~light language.

Kristen Marie Weiner, now known by her spiritual name, Rajarajeshwari (MA, E-RYT 500+), is the visionary, founder and teacher of Deafhood Yoga®. As an empath, she felt strong connections and calling with all paths of spirituality as a young child especially with Buddhism, Deafhood, Hinduism and Native Americans. She is an acharya (master) of Hatha Yoga (Sivananda lineage), which is the Mother of Yoga. On this path, she is also, a Pranic Healer nourishing the Breath of Life through the light of sign language.

Deafhood Yoga
National Center on Deafness
Jeanne Chisholm Hall
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA
NCOD provides communication access, leadership opportunities, scholarships and direct communication classes for approximately 150 students who are deaf and hard of hearing each year.

Prospective and current deaf & hard of hearing students can find detailed information on this website. NCOD's students can take advantage of a variety of social and leadership opportunities such as Deaf CSUNians, a student organization that provides cultural, political, and social awareness opportunities for its members, the campus, and the community.

NCOD's influence reaches far beyond campus. Resources are available for service providers, professionals, families, teens, alumni, and managers. Check our website for details and resources.

National Center on Deafness
(818) 677-2054; (818) 671-4443
(818) 677-7192
Valerie Speir Events
San Leandro, CA
Valerie Speir event offers quality and yet affordable event planning services to ensure your events are well planned, organized, eventful, unique, trouble-free, and unforgettable.

Valerie Speir event offers quality and yet affordable event planning services to ensure your events are well planned, organized, eventful, unique, trouble-free, and unforgettable. At Valerie Speir, we are well informed that your event is significant to you, so we handle your event planning with a high level of creativity and expertise.

We provide a wide range of event planning services be it a wedding, social event, birthday party, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, retirement, charity event, corporate event, reunion, team building, bachelorette, and holiday party.

We are delighted to inform you that at Valerie Speir event, we have all it takes to make your event a special, eventful, and unforgettable one.

Valerie Speir Events
Day to Rejoice
Union City, CA
Specialize in extreme room transformations -- custom backdrops, chair/table decor, and draping design for your special event. An event designer is ultimately the PRO who knows how to bring your vision alive through decor, right kind of chairs, variety of table linens, color/material choice for draping, etc. He or she is ultimately focused on WHAT to design, decor, and deliver the ambiance of your vision.

Hello! My name is Ann Lynn Parker and I founded Day to Rejoice Weddings & Events in 2015 with "Wonder Woman" determination. You see, I used to do event planning as a hobby for almost two decades for family, friends, at college and everywhere else. I thought I ought to "lasso" up a certification in event planning. I realized I wasn't satisfied with event planning and still felt uninspired inside. One day, I aimlessly googled up alternatives in event planning and discovered a whole new world in event design. POW! So that's how I found my superpower. Lo and behold, I'm an accredited event designer and certified by the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.

Without my invisible "Wonder Woman" attire: I'm a blissful wife to James and blessed mom of three daughters. During the week, I work as a job & literacy program manager for a non-profit agency, take care of my family, and help my husband as an administrator for our church, Hands of Grace Deaf Church in San Jose, CA.

Day to Rejoice
(510) 972-9446
Fremont, CA
Linguabee's marketplace connects consumers with qualified interpreters, provides feedback and language accessibility, communication, and services for all.

It was a beautiful evening in Fremont, California in 2011 when Chad Taylor and Patrick Boudreault were sitting in a coffee shop talking about how painful it was working with American Sign Language interpreters through agencies. They said to each other, “Could we get some control back and choose our own interpreters?!”

Traditional interpreting agencies send interpreters with little or no regard for the end-users preferences, and focus mostly on making sure assignments are filled. Feedback from customers is ignored, and the same poor service is provided day in and day out. Jobs are lost, lives are impacted, and Deaf people suffer.

They said, “We can do better. Why don’t we connect Deaf people directly to the interpreters, cutting out the middleman?”

Linguabee was born that day: an online and mobile marketplace where consumers and freelance interpreters could connect on their own terms. The word Linguabee is a combination of lingua, the latin word for language and bee, to represent a bustling community. Linguabee is a people-first, Deaf-owned company. We believe what’s best for the community is also what’s best for the company. The team is Deaf, from engineers to customer care.

(800) 657-5648
39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA
California School for the Deaf is recognized for its academic rigor and direct bilingual instruction in American Sign Language and English. The school is located in Fremont, CA.

The California School for the Deaf (CSD), in Fremont, is a free and public accredited school in the state of California that serves Deaf children. We teach to the California State Board of Education Standards, the State Industry Standards, and the Special Education Administrators of County Offices’ Alternative Curriculum Standards.

We have a holistic view of Deaf children as healthy individuals who are culturally distinct, have language rights, and deserve to be educated in a language-rich environment. Our bilingual, American Sign Language and English, academic environment fosters mastery of both languages in addition to the California State Standards. Our diligent and collaborative attention to curriculum development, instructional pedagogy, and assessment integrates best practices in Deaf education and bilingual education.

A safe, academic, Deaf-centered culture is nurtured at CSD.

California School for the Deaf
(510) 794-3666
(510) 794-2409
Convo Relay
3815 S Capital of Texas Hwy
Austin, TX
In a rapidly-advancing world, technology is developed on the basis of spoken language. As a Deaf-owned company, we create signing-centric experiences that feel right to us.

To provide the most natural and organic VRS experience possible.

Convo Relay
Front of Mozzeria
3228 16th Street (at Guerrero Street)
San Francisco, CA
Modern eatery known for tossing wood-fired Neapolitan pizza & owned by a deaf couple.

Introducing you to Mozzeria... where we put out sumptuous pizzas out of our beautiful, 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara oven. Choose from our menu of either traditional or imaginative pizzas!

Open since December 2011, in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, the décor of this lively hangout is decidedly modern, with the wood-burning oven in the center, commanding attention. You get to watch as your pizza is prepared and cooked.

Mozzeria's menu also includes small dishes with fresh ingredients usually sourced from community farmers markets. A wine bar, local beers on tap, vintage sodas and desserts assure an enjoyable dining experience.

We look forward to having you dine with us.

415) 489-0963
Antoinette Abbamonte

Actress/Director/Writer ANTOINETTE ABBAMONTE doesn’t let her deafness get in the way when it comes to her career in Hollywood, appearing in Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated NBC comedy show, THE NEW NORMAL. Performed "Oliver Twist" at Deaf West Theatre and was nominated for Ovation Awards for Best Featured Actress. Just finished working at South Coast Repertory with the play called “Found On Pandora Avenue” as Peggy.

Abbamonte has been breaking down barriers in Hollywood and encouraging others to do the same for years as a committee member of SAG/AFTRA empowerment group for actors with disabilities.
She recently appeared on the ABC Family hit drama, “Switched At Birth” and also on the wildly successful FOX sitcom, “Raising Hope.”

Coming soon, she’ll continue to bridge the gap between the hearing world with her insightful role in the indie feature “Titus.” The film follows a young girl in search of redemption whose journey ultimately helps a deaf woman (Abbamonte) find her freedom from the agony of mourning the loss of her son. In her spare time, she has published a Children’s book titled “Tree Wise”, available through Amazon and B&N.

Alexander Naro Abenchuchan

He is a deaf individual who was born into a large deaf family. He went to the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and is an alumni of Gallaudet University with a degree in Religious Studies. He has a beautiful wife of eight years, Alexa, and a baby daughter, Rubi.
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