NN Duos Raid Ryan Lane’s Closet. Check out their official vlog!

As we were developing our blog we had several ideas about how we should handle our video component – our vlog. We wanted to make it interesting and entertaining, we want people to know that fashion is fun. The blog is already about us providing our audience with current fashion trends as well as establishing fashion looks. As for the vlog, we decided to turn the table on someone else and came up with raiding a celebrity’s closet! It is always interesting to see what people have in their closet.

You truly get to know a person by how they dress, whether they are simple, classic, creative, unique or retro. The answers are all in front of you once you open up the doors. Ryan Lane, an actor on the show Switched at Birth, was our first guinea pig, or rather volunteer. He was a good sport to letting us into his home to raid his closet.

We thank him for that. And he is still thanking us for putting together some of the looks we did. Remember you can mix and match items you already have to create new and exciting outfits.

Exclusive: Interview with Bethany Gehman of Sex Education in ASL

Last week, on September 20, 2015, TSG mentioned that Bethany Gehman of Sex Education in ASL was back with her popular series, Sex Education in ASL. We sent her a list of questions and she decided that she wanted to answer those questions in a vlog. We are excited and please to present TSG Exclusive Interview with Bethany Gehman of Sex Education in ASL.

It’s quite hilarious and extremely informative of what Bethany Gehman future plans with Sex Education in ASL.

A work in progress. #sexeducationinasl #sexeducation #vlog sexeducationforthedeaf #soexcited

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BTW, we didn’t mean to be “that close”. And, well, there’s no actually, “official” sign for The Silent Grapevine, but we would love any suggestions!



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