My first books video! Let me know what your suggestions are (books and how to improve/change for next time)....

Emotional Double Standard

The double standard of emotion that masculine-presenting people and feminine-presenting people face. Blog post: Links I mentioned –...


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The Human Senses

A little fun facts video about the human senses! Blog post: Support me! Patreon: ko-fi:

Coffee Chat

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Seed Roasting

Pumpkin seed roasting! I make the classics, and one that’s not-so-classic. NO SOUND OR TALKING/SIGNING = NO CAPTIONS

A Week In Sweden!

I went visiting family friends who live in Sweden for a week, enjoy my adventures there! Instagram:

Australia Part One

First week in Australia taking the metro/bus, Perth, and Star Wars (no spoilers, don’t worry!) GoFundMe link: