International deaf Cancun, Mexico 2017
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13:00 to 16:00
From 16-03-17 to 23-03-17

website : http://internationaldeafcancun.com/
registration : http://internationaldeafcancun.com/registration.html

My friend and I decided to organize an event in Cancun for next year in 2017.

Many have organized events international deaf in Europe : Benidorm, Ibiza, Croatia, Bulgaria, Isreal but almost never outside Europe. That’s why we chose Cancun. But it is also known in the world for Spring Break, for example : Beach Party, Activities, Nightclub, etc … .

If you have never been to Cancun, come ! You will never regret ! And you’ll never want to go home. 😀

Soon we will make the programs of this event.
But you can give us some ideas….

OFC We will advise you the best hotels nearby.

!!!WARNING!!! : It is NOT we who take responsibility for hotel or apartement reservations….
So take care of quickly book the hotels/apartement that have been recommended to you.

Before you book, vote the date you prefer to arrange the date on which there have been the most votes.

Once the date set you can start to book airline tickets, hotels, etc….

Good luck !

You all are welcome to share this event and even to come to CANCUN

see you in CANCUN 😀


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