Young ASL fluent actor

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I’m casting a young deaf actor (male or female) (ideally ASL fluent) as well as an interpreter. It can be challenging to find the right avenue through which to post casting notices for something this specific… The age range for this project is flexible although (7-14) is ideal. Again male or female. We’re seeking video submissions for auditions. Send requests to

The project:

Title: Disquiet
Tagline: You don’t hear it. You feel it.
Young Aiden is discovering and deciphering sound for the first time with a new cochlear implant… in the garden, Aiden hears birds as they pass… the heavy rumbling wind as it blows… and a faint voice coming from the woods behind the garden… Aiden’s parents are no help, but the new “too good to be true” babysitter June, adept in both sign and infant care for Aiden’s baby brother… she really listens … And she believes Aiden… especially as their quiet night is disrupted by inexplicable sounds… from the baby monitor… to a knock on the door…

Playing out in classical Hitchcockian suspense, Disquiet builds an ominous real-time atmosphere, holding its cards close to its chest, as Aiden and his/her new babysitter wonder if they are alone.

The main character Aiden is resourceful and perceptive both with and without the new cochlear implant and sign language proves itself as a key advantage for the protagonists.

It’s a visual thriller that evokes silence and suspense in similar ways to this year’s A Quiet Place.

Filming in Lake Forest, IL. We want to keep a date open to the right actor and his/her parental guardian but we’re shooting for a day of production in September if possible.

To apply for this job email your details to