How are points awarded?

The point scores are attached to a number of ‘descriptors’, each representing a varying level of ability to carry out each activity. The descriptors range from being able to complete the activity without help, to being unable to complete the activity at all. The point scores increase as levels of need increase.

The health professional carrying out the assessment will advise the DWP which descriptor best matches your needs. The descriptor choice should be based on consideration of a 12-month period.
You can score points for more than one activity, but if more than one descriptor applies in an activity, you will be awarded whichever descriptor gives you the most points.
For a descriptor to apply, you must be able to complete the activity:
• safely
• to an acceptable standard
• repeatedly, and
• in a reasonable time period.
The entitlement threshold (pass mark) for each component (daily living and mobility) is a total of 8 points for the standard rate and 12 points for the enhanced rate.
See ‘Appendix: Daily living and mobility activities and descriptors’ to find out how points are awarded for each activity.

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