What happens at the consultation?

At the face-to-face consultation, the health professional will ask you questions about your health condition or disability and how this affects your daily life.
It is your opportunity to explain your needs in your own words. The health professional may also carry out a short physical examination, but you will not be forced to do anything that causes you pain, embarrassment or discomfort.
The consultation may take place at a designated assessment centre or in your own home, if you’re unable to travel due to health reasons. You will be able to see a same sex assessor and claim back your travel expenses.
You will be encouraged to take someone to the consultation with you if you would find this useful — for example, you may wish to take along a parent, family member, friend or carer, who can participate in the discussion.

For more information please visit : http://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/supporting-you/benefits-and-personal-independence-payment/how-will-i-be-assessed/what-happens-at-the-consultation.aspx

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