Next week we are having a special four (4) part interview series with Sean Forbes and his band: Jake Bass:  Sean’s Producer, Mark Levin: Tour Manager and Social Media Manager, Adrean Mangiardi: Director of Film and lastly, Sean Forbes as himself! 

Sean Forbes is currently hosting a Pledge Music campaign to help him attend K-12 high schools across the country and share his story of overcoming obstacles and achieving his goals, and inspiring over 20,000 kids in the process. is a crowd-source funding website that focuses solely on bands and music. This past winter Sean and crew went out on a five week tour across the northeast and midwest, attending 20 K-12 schools and spoke to over 10,000 students. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we’re looking to do that again. Some of the schools we attended, the students have never met a Deaf individual before, so we were able to expose a whole new culture and community to some of these students.

You can learn more about the Pledge Music campaign and see some of the awesome rewards for pledging here: Those that pledge will also be able to see an exclusive NEW unreleased music video for Sean’s song titled “Watch These Hands”, directed and edited by Adrean Mangiardi, Assistant directed by Mark Levin, and cinematography from Wayne Betts Jr.  Sean also released a new music video titled ‘We Interrupt This Program’:
*All the music videos released by the D-PAN community are American Sign Language enhanced and can be easily recognized by people with hearing disabilities. Sean Forbes is only 26 years old and is one of the youngest persons in the world to run a community exclusively for deaf people. His community has inspired several people with hearing problem to join them and learn music.

Read more below about Sean Forbes along with some more interesting and fun facts about him!

* Sean Forbes is a hip hop artist born in the year 1982 in Detroit, America. He has been deaf since he was born and had several other complications during his childhood. Doctors officially diagnosed it has Spinal meningitis and were not able to recover his hearing ability.
* Sean parent’s bought him a set of drums at the age of five. He started composing music and playing guitar at the age of ten. His mom was a pianist and he learned music along with his dad and his siblings in a rock band.
* Sean along with his brothers decided that he wanted to pursue a career in music. He was the only deaf person in the entire family and currently he is the only person to pursue music as a career in life successfully.
* He joined the Rochester Institute of Technology and learned that there are so many people like him who were deaf but wanted to learn music. This inspired him to start a non-profit organization called the D-PAN, Deaf Professional Art Network. The organization was started with the motive of encouraging deaf and other people with hearing problems to learn music.
* Sean along with the members of D-PAN is actively working in a music video album. They are planning to release 10 music songs and 10 music videos in the album. The album is titled as Perfect Imperfection and is expected to hit the markets very soon.
* His passion towards music made him record a song for the famous Bass Brother, which discovered Eminem. Eminem saw some of the music videos of Seam Forbes and was very much impressed by them. Sean collaborated with Jake Bass and composed over 50 songs, out of which most of them were super hits.
* Sean Forbes recently composed a song Let’s Mambo that featured one of the famous Oscar award winning actresses, Marlee Matlin. Apart from singing, Sean Forbes is a music composer, guitarist and a drummer. He is a multi-talented person with a lot of ability in music.
* His talents were not only limited to music but also extended to some of the Television shows such as Motor City Racing that featured about the popular artists in Detroit. He was also interviewed by the Ability Magazine in which he explains how he became so popular in such a competitive industry.
* The music videos and songs released by Sean Forbes are becoming very popular and there has been a viral growth in his fan followings. He has thousands of followers in Facebook and his You tube channel has over 5000 subscribers. This is one of the highest records for a music community owned by a deaf person.
Five Extra Bonus Facts You Didn’t Know about Sean Forbes! 
* Sean Forbes in an interview said that he always looked upon Johnny “Bee” and he was one of the biggest influences in his life. When he was a child, he used to sit with Bee and learn music from him.
* In order to make his video globally accessible even by deaf people, he includes the lyrics of the audio as a subtitle in all his videos.
* Whenever Sean Forbes finds free time at home, he used to read about history. He calls himself a history nut and it is only because of this hobby, he was able to write many songs in the album “Perfect Imperfection”.
* Sean Forbes spends the entire night thinking what to do the next morning and end up getting late, generally after 9 a.m. He usually starts his day with a coffee.
* In one of his interviews, he mentioned that “I have got the deaf tone, but I am not tone deaf”. This has inspired many deaf people around the world to involve themselves into the music world.

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