GRAPELICIOUS News: KC drive-in makes history for hearing impaired

Deaf-mute woman raped ; accused held
Hindustan Times
A deaf-mute married woman was allegedly raped by an employee of a department store here last week.The incident took place on Sunday, but it took the shocked woman a few days to reveal it to her husband. The latter approached the police, who arrested 
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KC drive-in makes history for hearing impaired, deaf
“I think it will help me and a bunch of other people who are hearing impaired or deaf because it will provide so much help while they’re watching the movie to hear it better and to understand what’s going on,” said Audrey Hartwell, who is hearing impaired.
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Cycling to raise awareness of the deaf-blind community
Janna Rowan hopes her cycling journey will help people learn about the challenges facing the deaf and blind among us. Rowan is a certified deaf/blind interpreter. She spoke with Current State host Mark Bashore about her plans for the September trip and 
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Headphones making more people deaf
Times of India
Headphones making more people deaf. The writer has posted comments on this article ANI | Jul 12, 2013, 06.06 PM IST. Tweet. Share on Linkedin. Comments. More. Google Bookmarks, Newsvine. Live Bookmarks, Technorati. Yahoo Bookmarks, Blogmarks.
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