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The Silent Grapevine Website/Magazine does not have any paying positions at the moment. Positions are available though for Columnists (Volunteer), general volunteers and internships in the following fields.
Columnists (Volunteer):
Writers for the following columns: Sports, Health, Food and Drinks, Music, Tourism, Film & Movies, Laughs & Comedy, Fashion, Today’s Gadgets, Celebrities News, Books. 
General volunteers:
The Silent Grapevine also welcomes volunteers. Volunteers can be involved in all the fields listed below and more:
a) Celebrity News writing and reporting
b) Public Relations
c) Magazine Production
d) Digital News Editing
e) Marketing Assistant
f) Commercial adviser
g) Celebrity News writing
h) Webmaster
i) Assistant Event organizer
j) Fundraisers
k) Magazine designer
l) Sales
m) Food and Drinks
n) Sports
o) Health
p) Music
q) Film & Movies etc
The Silent Grapevine Website/Magazine is looking for talented interns (online and physical) in all the fields listed under General Volunteers above.
Interns will:
1) Research and write (short) creative pieces for publication by The Silent Grapevine Magazine online
2) Research and write Opinion pieces for publication online.
3) Cover and write News items for publication online.
4) Interview, transcribe and edit interviews for publication.
5) Edit articles and photos for publication
6) Carry out other projects in collaboration with The Silent Grapevine staff.
7) Create and edit email newsletters
8) Contribute to TSG’s presence and image on social Networks
Appreciated Talent (volunteer):
Anyone with the ability to design web pages will be appreciated. – Anyone who can update and manage websites (using cms and html coding) will as well be appreciated – A good understanding of Social Networks e.g Facebook, Twitter etc
Candidate Requirements:
Candidates should have the following qualities:
– Can read, write and speak English.
– Attention to detail – Good editing and grammar skills
– Strong writing and visual skills
– A good or reasonable knowledge about Deaf/Hard of Hearing Culture and Deaf/Hard of Hearing affairs
– Familiarity with word and windows programs (Publisher and Photoshop will be a plus)
– Familiarity with the World Wide Web (internet) – Willingness to learn
– Is willing to consider a commitment of least 3 months
If you are interested, please send us your resume and a brief paragraph on why you’re interested in writing for The Silent Grapevine to silentgrapevine (at) gmail (dot) com. 
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