ASL Tours at the Rubin Museum

We would like to share information about our regularly scheduled ASL tours at the Rubin Museum.
Beginning in the Fall (October) the Rubin Museum’s regularly scheduled ASL tours will now take place on the first Sunday of the month from 2-3pm. 
Deaf Guides offer American Sign Language tours of the museum’s collection specifically designed for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. These tours afford all of our visitors a chance to learn about the cultures, history, religions, and sacred art of the Himalayan region.  Each month the tour focuses on a different exhibition.
Moving forward, here are the rest of our ASL tours for the year (we won’t have a tour in September)…
Oct 6Count Your Blessings: The Art of Prayer Beads in Asia
This exhibition focuses on aesthetic and ritual aspects of the prayers beads used in Buddhist traditions of Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Burma. It addresses the origins of prayer beads 108 beads in a set, the structure of prayer beads, their materials and symbolism, and status versus practice aspects of their use.
Nov 3Allegory and Illusion: Early Portrait Photography from South Asia
Allegory and Illusion: Early Portrait Photography from South Asia presents approximately 120 photographs and a selection of albums, glass plate negatives, cabinet cards, cartes-de-visites, and postcards illustrating the rich tradition of portrait photography in India, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Nepal from the mid-19th century to early 20th century. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, New Delhi.
Dec 1Gateway to Himalayan Art
Gateway to Himalayan Art acquaints visitors with the principal concepts of Himalayan art and its cultural contexts. A large multimedia map orients visitors to the geographic scope and diversity of the greater Himalayan cultural sphere, including parts of India, China, and Mongolia. Visitors are invited to explore four main sections: Figures and Symbols, Materials and Techniques, Purpose and Function, and Tibetan Art in Context, which includes the Rubin Museum’s Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room.
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