Baseballer Dummy Hoy revisited…let’s induct him into MLB Hall of Fame!

Dummy Hoy, still to this day has not been inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame, and it’s been over fifty years since his death. Modern baseball greats have been inducted into the Hall of Fame during their lifetime, but William Ellsworth Hoy aka Dummy Hoy did not have the pleasure. As per Deaf Awareness Week, let’s send a clear message to ask MLB Hall of Fame to induct Dummy Hoy into his new home in Cooperstown, NY!

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Hernando Today
Sandy was born deaf. In an email, he said, “I’ve been on this project since 1989 and haven’t given up yet on getting Dummy Hoy into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Dummy Hoy is a Deaf icon.” He has contacted sports reporters, done television 
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