Deaf Awareness Stories of the Week

A sign of silence for Deaf awareness powered by KHQA
Silent halls and classrooms helped bring awareness to the fourth annual Deaf Awareness Week. It was an insight to a world without sound. Students and some staff communicated through sign language, texts, emails and paper, but never spoke a word.
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Duo devotes time to translating for the deaf
Gainesville Times
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, students gather for a 10 a.m. history class at the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus. Here, students learn about the rise and fall of world civilizations and relive pivotal moments in history. Some write 
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Deaf Awareness Week educates, empowers students during The News Record

Students, staff, faculty and community members are participating in various Deaf Awareness Week events through Sunday on campus. Festivities are intended to 

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