Thiago Silva batters Matt Hamill en route to unanimous decision victory in UFC Fight Night 29

It wasn’t the prettiest bout of the night, but at UFC Fight Night 29 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thiago Silva was able to get the job done against Matt Hamill
The judges scored the bout 30-27, 30-27, and 29-27 all in favor of the Brazilian.
“I think it was a bad fight, I had a bad weight cut which was my own fault. I disappointed the UFC, but I’ll make up for it. I had many chances to knock him out, but I gassed out. It was a bad fight even though I won. He takes punches well, but I feel I could have finished it and just didn’t have the energy. I am not pleased at all,” Silva said after the fight. 
Hamill attempted two takedowns early in the first round, both of which were stuffed. But the Brazilian continued to stalk and land a series of hard strikes both to the legs and head of the American. While generally being outstruck and eating a number of unchecked leg kicks, Hamill was able to land a series of hard liver shots to Silva throughout the course of the round.

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