FCC Votes to Improve Closed Captions

FCC has voted to improve services for closed captions. For more information, read below:

The FCC has voted unanimously to require program creators and distributors to make their best efforts to improve the quality of closed captioning.
While there were no quantitative standards, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said this was not an “act it and forget it” item.
He also signed during the meeting that this was “just the beginning.” Wheeler signaled early on that universal and nondiscriminatory access to telecommunications means doing some catch-up work on serving the disability community.
Wheeler said the definition of universal had been one of word, not of deed, in regards to the deaf and hard of hearing, and said that access to news and information was critical. Wheeler made a passing reference to bad weather report captioning, a reference to Weather Channel’s critique of WeatherNation captions.

For more details, check out this article.

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Thomsen Young

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