March 15, 2014 – Nice and cool weather plus storm is coming soon. I was mowing as quickly as I can to avoid the rain. 1st series is the front yard, the camera mounted on top with duct tape where I hold on handlebar & clutch lever. (Pretty stable) 2nd series is backyard where the camera mounted on top the engine itself. (Seems more vibration even with duct tape)

Please pardon my mess in the backyard, this is our first mowing this year and fence will be replaced in a few weeks. It will look better next time when I will try again with different positions and also during warmer weather and greener grass.

At backyard, you will see a funny video clip when one of our dog Bowser is chasing the mower briefly three times. (During the start up) I promised you he is not hurt at all. He gets pissed off when I mess HIS backyard. LOL!

Don’t forget to watch HD! It was recorded with GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera. Three minutes long.

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