Sorenson Ex-VP of Marketing Is A Homophobic Who Supported Prop 8

This video was created prior to the verification that Diana Lewis does not any longer work for Sorenson, however, we believe that it’s still a testimony to the level of integrity that Sorenson allows their employees to practice. The Silent Grapevine is publishing this article with the intention of it being a reminder of Prop 8 and its supporters.

One of the biggest lessons that businessmen/women are taught during any time in their lives is that they must be careful what kind of contributions they make to the community because it reflects either very well or badly upon the company they work for. When anybody is a “big name” within a company, they must be considerate on how their donations and/or time is spent. Just a few months ago, Paula Deen had made a racist comment on her personal time and the Food Network pulled her completely off the shelves. This shows that intolerance is not accepted. 

With that in mind, we bring you important news. Sorenson Communication has somebody within their organization that has donated to say yes to prop 8. Her name is Diana Lewis and she is the Vice President of Marketing at Sorenson Communications. One of her big roles is to lead the marketing efforts for Sorenson Video Relay Services (VRS), IP relay, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and all communication products. If she is in marketing, she knows that anything she does can work against her. Look what she had decided to do with some of her hard earned money from Sorenson:
This is from a list by Gay Salt Lake. If you click the link, you will be able to go to the very page that shares names of people that donated money to take away gay/lesbian rights. Here’s a single screenshot that shows her name, position, and the actual amount she donated which you will find lines up with the first image. 

For further clarification, Prop 8 is also known as Proposition Hate. It was a constitutional amendment passed by the voters of California on November 4, 2008. The purpose behind it was to effectively end same sex marriage in California. More information about Prop Eight can be found on the LA Times dedicated to Prop 8

Here is a screenshot of all the information together in one place so you can see what she donated for and where the information came from.

Sorenson Communications is fully aware of their vice president of marketing donating money to support prop 8 and they have done nothing about it. When somebody makes a decision like this, it is appropriate to expect the company to take action. What kind of actions has Sorenson taken to support the Gay/Lesbian Deaf community? There have been none and there are also reports of people being paid off to keep this quiet.

The reports of people being paid off to keep this quiet have not been verified by Silent Grapevine. Pride Depot has placed Sorenson Communications on their boycott list and recommend that you do too.

Again, this is news from 2008 when prop 8 was a huge deal and a big issue within the LGBT community. When you read this article, take yourself back in time and remember the anger and hate people portrayed towards you and look at who supported this proposition hate.
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