The Red Notebook Connects Librarians with Deaf Patrons

a picture of the red notebook website.

A wonderful resource for librarians who interact with people from the Deaf community is called “The Red Notebook: Deaf Resources @ Your Library”, a project started in 1979, spearheaded by Alice L. Hagemeyer. Alice is a retired Deaf librarian, who worked in Washington D.C. at the District of Columbia’s public library.

She is also the founder of Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action (FOLDA) which is responsible for publishing and distributing “The Red Notebook.” While the Red Notebook was initially created in 1979, parts of the Red Notebook were made available online beginning in 2001. FOLDA promotes The Red Notebook on their website stating that it serves as “a starting point for libraries to look up … information regarding the deaf community and library services.” (FOLDA)
Anyone (especially librarians and library staff) further interested in “The Red Notebook” may pay for parts of the document not available online. After this initial purchase, they become subscribers for life, automatically getting updates.
The Red Notebook provides a wide range of public information helpful to those wishing to learn more about the Deaf community. There are many things covered in “The Red Notebook” important for librarians to know such as special anniversaries in the Deaf community or specific communication tips helpful to library staff in their interactions with Deaf patrons. FOLDA’s website holds a large number of printable pages discussing a variety of topics including suggested library programming, accessibility, and how best to bring positive exposure to the Deaf community within the library.
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