MAY 5, 2014 – Waxahachie, Texas

Katie and I went to Scarborough Faire as part of Deaf Awareness Day. Since we went there many times, I thought of something cooler by mounting my GoPro Hero3+ camera on my Longhorn cap. It was pretty easy to do if you want to try it out!

In this video, it is 24 minutes long even with time lapse, I could not go as fast as 4X because it’s too difficult to enjoy the view, I used 2X instead and it wasn’t too bad. What’s more, several footage you will see normal speed when I am looking at close-up such as selling products, children playing-sword each other and a few others. Originally it is over 2 hours long all together. I removed primarily the shows itself (No spoilers here) and conversation with friends in this video. (Yes, I forgot to turn it off when chatting)

The weather is gorgeous — approximately 85 degrees sunny.

You will see few deaf friends in it and if you are lucky, you will see several interpreters standing on the few different stages. This last show, it was an adult-theme, but don’t worry, I remove the audio & the interpreter is signing but nothing harmful there. Lastly, you will see my brief walking & talking toward to my car with sunset behind me.


To learn more about Scarborough Faire and its 30th celebration, go to

Please watch HD video!

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