Fantastico hires deaf teenagers to lip-read Brazilian football players conversations.

In an article three days ago, the BBC reported that “Brazil players cover mouths to block lip-reading” during the 2014 World Cup. Mostly, for now, it has been the Brazilian team that has been covering their mouths during the game as well as while they are on live television to prevent “unwelcome insight into their thoughts and strategy”.

Fantastico, for years, has been using deaf teenagers to reveal conversations during football matches. However, this is the first time that it has Brazilian football players covering their mouths and taking strong measures to avoid caught on camera.

TSG is concerned that Fantastico is still using deaf teenagers. However, TSG hopes that no international laws are being broken during these events. 

An example, BBC noted, is when,

One programme, TV Globo’s Fantastico, revealed some of Scolari’s advice to his players during the World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia…He was also revealed to have said about [Scolari’s] performance: “We are playing at home. What is this?”

The players were not ordered by their coach to cover their mouth, but they are aware of the situation and will continue to cover their mouth when they are known to be on live television speaking to one another.

Maybe FIFA should have some fun with this and take a cue from the NFL and create their own rendition called “THE FIFA: A Bad Lip Reading” – A Bad Lip Reading of the FIFA World Cup!”

We don’t think it’s a bad idea…considering that NFL got over 53 million views on

In fact, we think you should watch this an entertain yourself! It’s even captioned! 

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