Google Gesture is a fictional concept, but theoretically possible.

Gizmodo wrote an article today called “Wristbands that Translate Sign language Into Speech Would Be Awesome” in which, they reported that a student team was working with Google to come up with an way to translate signing into spoken word. However, Gizmodo was misled and this concept is “completely fictional”.

The concept: Clients would wear electronic wristbands that measure the wearer’s muscle activity. Thus, the wristband would recognized sign language gestures/movements and speak and/or translate through an Android device.

Since this concept (named Google Gesture, but ironic since Google is not pursuing this project) is completely fictional, it does not mean that it is not theoretically possible.

In the video, you will see that the signer demonstrate how the products works.

30 Google Gesture from Berghs School of Communication on Vimeo.

However, there is a company called Motion Savvy that is ahead with this technology, yet, their challenge will be to make this technology as small and as light as possible (Right now, the technology is used using a tablet similar to an iPad). For more information, check out the video above.

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