Ron Tan, A Deaf pianist.

Meet Ron Tan. A pianist who is deaf. Ron Tan was born with 80% hearing loss, however, he taught himself to play the piano at 17. Four years later, he is now taking what he has learned and helping musicians with disabilities to love and make music. interviews him on his take on music and how it has inspired him to help other musicians.  (Warning: captions are automatic captions and not 100% accurate.)

Having discovered and developed his own passion, Ron is now eager to help other people with disabilities stoke theirs.
So, he has started a talent management outfit for special needs performers, called Inclusive Art Movement (I.AM).
His partner in the project, Muhammad Danial bin Hamdan, has no trouble hearing.
But he’s just as excited as Ron about their social enterprise.
“Ron and I share the same purpose: to help this community. I’ve met many people at the Singapore Association for the Deaf – students who have a passion for the arts. That really motivates me.”

Enjoy the video! If the video is hard to understand, you can go to their article

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