Global VRS, previously known as Gracias VRS, is one of the fastest growing video relay service providers for the Deaf. With several call centers across North America, Global VRS has grown to be one of the most diverse VRS providers, touting the slogan “A diverse team, serving a diverse community.”

Global VRS actively supports many minority populations and provides such populations 24/7 interpretative services for ASL, English and Spanish.

Owner and CEO Angela Roth explains in a personal interview, that as a Hispanic female, and certified ASL interpreter she operates on the principal that everyone in our community should have access to the same great service.

While Global VRS strives to meet the needs of even their most diverse subscribers, Ms. Roth explains that:

 “although we provide around the clock services for our high demand language needs, we also offer support for other language and cultural minorities, as well as creative accommodations for individuals of all different needs, such as our Deaf-Blind subscribers.”

Director of Operations, Gabrielle Joseph describes the Global VRS mission as one of providing truly global services.

“we know our team at GlobalVRS are industry leaders for servicing various Hispanic populations however most don’t realize we have amazing interpreters also servicing English/ASL communities as well. For those who have not yet experienced GlobalVRS…come try us…you are in for an amazing VRS experience”

Global VRS does just that, as they sponsor many Deaf education and community outreach events abroad, in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico and Honduras as well as supporting the local community with recent events and sponsorships in Florida, California and in Washington D.C.

The Global VRS director of employee relations, Shane Westmoreland, is a certified and seasoned interpreter charged with the development of the company’s staff. He explains

“while our client’s are our first and utmost priority, we understand we cannot provide the excellent service we strive for without our dedicated, qualified and experienced interpreter staff.”

Mr. Westmoreland goes on to explain that Global VRS is a unique provider in that they do not focus on each interpreter’s metrics, but instead they support an environment of teamwork, where staff members share one goal, and that is to provide the best video relay services possible. To do so, Global VRS encourages interpreters to use teams and to take extra time as needed to get comfortable with a caller’s language style—even though this is unpaid time for the company. Mr. Westmoreland explains that

 “in doing this, we allow interpreters to get better at what they do, while ensuring that they have the tools to do their job right!”

Global VRS also serves as ongoing and direct sponsors for many professional development trainings, conferences and seminars for sign language interpreters, such as TerpExpo and Silent Weekend.

CEO Angela Roth goes on to explain that these efforts have allowed Global VRS to develop into a company that provides a very typical service, in a very special and innovative way. She explains,

“because of this, we have seen a great amount of company growth, and we’ve been ranked amongst the top language service providers in the world!”

She proudly closes by inviting Deaf and Hard of Hearing VRS users to give Global VRS a try. Global assures users will find a quality of service, diversity and customer dedication that will keep them coming back.
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