SATURDAY, JULY 5, 2014 – Katie and I already knew that Ron Shaffer is planning a surprise party for Grace and Kacey Birthday party in their house in Florida. A lot of family members and friends came & join the party. Ron rented Bounce House – The water version for a weekend. It was awesome — all children enjoyed it!! Yes, there’s part of it where we had little rain and thunderstorm.

Unlike on other videos, I decide to put all series together however it is about 35 minutes long. Also, all videos except time lapse has audio on, let me know if you can hear it okay.

1. Beginning & Playing
2. Time Lapse on 360 degrees in the backyard (close)
3. Prayer & Gathering
4. Cake (half real-time & half time lapse)
5. Opening gifts

This is part of Florida vacation 2014 series. (Not in order)

Don’t forget to watch the HD quality video!

The video was used by GoPro Hero3+ camera and edited with GoPro Studio.


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