Loriann Macko: NTID Alumni and Constituent Relations

Hi, I’m Loriann Macko, director of NTID Alumni and Constituent Relations. Many alumni and others have asked me what this title means. In the past, this position was known as director of NTID Alumni Relations. Adding Constituent Relations is a reflection of this newly expanded role. “Constituents” are all of those who have an impact on the alumni of today and the future. They include current students (our alumni-in-training!), parents, faculty and staff, foundations, and other friends of the institute. My first priority will always be our more than 7,000 alumni. The groups included in constituent relations represent those who partner with us to benefit our alumni. I’m so excited about the future of Alumni and Constituent Relations at RIT/NTID! We have some terrific programs being planned, a wonderful volunteer board and great support from NTID President Gerry Buckley. I look forward to seeing and working with many of our alumni and friends in the coming months and years ahead! For more information on what we’re doing, check out our website (show website) or find us on Facebook at NTID Alumni Association (show Facebook).

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